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Heliosorcery - Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism


The purpose of this documentary is not to provide scientific, practical, or Biblical evidence against heliocentric doctrine. But rather, to trace the presently raging cosmology dispute back to its ancient heritage (of Pagan Mysticism.)

"Heliocentrism." Who re-birthed and advanced a cosmology in which the Sun is the unquestioned center of all things to Man? And why and how did Heliocentricism eventually become hardened dogma for all "learned men" and his institutions?

Was it more than a love for Science which motivated the medieval hierarchy to get behind Copernicus’ new theory -- followed by Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Kepler, Newton, etc. ?

Lesser known facts about the celebrated champions of sun-centered Cosmology will be investigated; AND especially their powerful associations, their hidden obsessions, and modus operandi.

Gathering the common threads which tie the various players together and connect the dots, we will follow the steady evolution of this paradigm, marking the dramatic effects it has had upon the character of society.

As must always be considered of institutional dogma, the questions WILL be asked: Cui Bono? Who benefits? If so, at what AND whose expense? To what end?

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